Unsolved YouthEdit

Unsolved Youth was an English Pop Metal band from Yorkshire, England. The band recided in Sheffield. The band was originally formed in 2010 by Jordan Newhall and then later restarted by Abigail Thompson and Neil Davis in 2013. The band have released a full-length album and two EP's. In April 2017 the band split up following a lawsuit from Atlantic Records for using copyright material in their songs and were forced to remove all their music as part of the award to Atlantic Records. The final line up for the band consisted of Chris Lake, Lewis Cliffet, Neil Davis, Sam Watson, Joseph Harrison and Luke Ellis.


Formation 2010Edit

in 2010 Jordan Newhall, former lead guitarist of Deadpool, held auditions at Myers Grove School, now Forge Valley Community School, in Stannington, Sheffield. Abigail Thompson and Shaun Charlton auditioned together. Abigail, Having passed her pianist/keyboardist exam, Auditioned as the keyboardist for the group and Shaun auditioned as the lead vocalist for the group. After two weeks of her initial audition Abigail recieved a phone call saying she had been successful however shaun was unsuccessul. Tony Lovvet auditioned two days later as the bass guitarist and was successful. Three weeks after his failed auditioned Shaun recieved a call from Abigail stating the band needed a drummer. A few days later Shaun auditioned again as the drummer and was successful. In July 2010 the group played live at West Street Live, A local bar in Sheffield, where a music agent for Rising Records approached them with a twenty percent comission contract. By June 2011 the group had released four singles that were released on to the Itunes Independent List and after very few downloads of their fourth single the band split up.

Redesign, New Line Up and Through The Dark EPEdit

In June 2013 Abigail Thompson started writing songs and composing with Neil Davis. In September 2013 Abigail approached Shaun Charlton to be the drummer for the group and Shaun approached Jordan Newhall to be the vocalist for the group. Tony Lovvet was never asked to return to the group. The group put advertisements on gumtree whilst also rehearsing and they held auditons at Forge Valley Community School in Stannington, Sheffield. Whilst recording Abigail sent demo's of the group to numerous agencies and was approached by an agent for Allen Wood Talent Agency, based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. On January 4th 2014 the group released their three track EP Through The Dark on to the Itunes Independent List and sold 172 copies, peaking at position seven on the Independent Roadshow Charts and was heard by Robert Sherman, an agent for the SNP Sound House record label.

Jordan Newhall's Departure, Tell The World and Double Sided EPEdit

After the release of Through The Dark Jordan Newhall left the group due to personal reasons, although Jordan would no longer be an official band member he wanted to continue writing music for Unsolved Youth. The replacement for Jordan Newhall became Christopher "Chris" Lake, although Chris would only provide vocals, the band thought that it did not change much of the sound, to continue with only two guitarists. Soon after replacing Jordan the group signed a two year £3000 contract with SNP Sound House. On March 17 2014, the band released the first single off their new album "Need You". Later in the month on March 28, the next single "By Tomorrow" was released and finally on April 16 the band released the third single off their album "In The World", which aired on the Independent radio channel "Channel AKA". The bands first album Tell The World was due for release on June 14 2014 but was delayed until June 30 due to the band recording two more songs that never made it on to the album. In July 2014 a "Nightmare Edition" of Tell The World was released with all the songs that had been recorded by the group that never made it on to the original release of the album. In August 2014 the group released a Double sided EP titled "If you was a movie, This would be your soundtrack".

Shaun Charlton's Vocal Training and Rock 'n Roll All NiteEdit

During the production of Tell The World, Shaun was put into vocal training by Robert Sherman after he heard Shaun sing. Shaun's vocal training was meant to last six months whilst also recording as a drummer for "Tell The World". Whilst rehearsing vocally with the group they recoreded a cover of Rock 'n Roll All Nite, Originally performed by Kiss, Which leaked on to numerous Peer-To-Peer sites. Robert Sherman edited the track and sent it to various radio channels and it was played by XFM Radio a total of nine times in one week and was reviewed by Tom Odell on behalf of XFM and was given a three out of five rating. After the Track and review Shaun became very wildly mentioned in many chat forums as "The breakout star" of the group.

Dark Side Of The MindEdit

Before the release of Tell The World, a tracklist for an upcoming album by Unsolved Youth appeared online. This was originally disregarded as a fan made list but was officially confirmed by the group, along with the name Dark Side Of The Mind. It was confirmed, before the release of Tell The World, that the group had a new member and that member was later identified as Joss Green. who would be replacing Shaun on drums as Shaun will be focusing on Vocals for their next album. Six months through production of The Dark Side Of The Mind, Joss Green left the group due to personal reasons and Shaun Charlton was re-placed back on too the percussions to eliminate any delay in production of the album.

Shaun Charlton's DepartureEdit

In February 2015 Shaun announced on Unsolved Youth's FourFour page that after production of their 2015 album "The Dark Side Of The Mind" he would be leaving the group. Although he left the group Shaun said he will "continue writing songs for the group" in his spare time. It was officially confirmed that Shaun left the group due to creative conflicts with other members, Stating on twitter to a fan that he "didn't like the direction the music was going in" and that it "didn't feel like Unsolved Youth anymore".

Band MembersEdit

Final Line UpEdit

  • Christopher Lake - Lead Vocals (2014 - 2017)
  • Lewis Cliffet - Drums/Percussions (2015 - 2017)
  • Joseph Harrison - Lead Guitarist (2013 - 2017)
  • Sam Watson - Bass Guitar (2013 - 2017)
  • Luke Ellis - Second Guitar (2013 - 2017)
  • Neil Davis - Vocals/Screamer (2013 - 2017)

Former MembersEdit

  • Jordan Newhall - Lead Vocals (2010 - 2014)
  • Tony Lovvet - Bass Guitar (2010 - 2011)
  • Shaun Charlton - Drums/Percussions/Vocals (2010 - 2015)
  • Joss Green - Drums/Percussions (2014 - 2014)
  • Abigail Thompson - Keyboards/FX (2010 - 2015)


Studio AlbumsEdit

Year Album Label Chart Peaks
2014 Tell The World SNP Sound House N/A
2015 Dark Side Of The Mind SNP Sound House N/A


Year Title Album
2014 Need You Tell The World
2014 My Tomorrow Tell The World
2014 In The World Tell The World
2014 Rock 'n Roll All Nite Rock 'n Roll All Nite


  • Through The Dark (Unsigned, 2014) (No. 7 Roadshow Independent Charts)
  • If You Was A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack (SNP Sound House, 2014)


  • This Is The Night, Core developed and distributed by Nightcore Studios UK.

IMG 0836

Unsolved Youth's Dark Side Of The Mind Artwork.

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